Nu Growth Thickening Oil was formulated to penetrate the scalp and treat your hair follicles at the root. Stimulating hair growth, providing nutrients to regenerate hair strands in thinning areas. This product is very light and will leave your scalp itch free. 8oz


**IMPORTANT** (This product is made with the finest Aloe from certified organic fields (NOT WATER). This product may darken slightly in color due to seasonal variations. Tiny particles of Aloe Vera may settle after standing. Simply shake bottle to dispense. Both darkening and settling are normal and no way affect purity and efficacy. DO NOT CONSUME THIS PRODUCT!


*For Hair including beards *Penetrates roots *Leaves Hair silky and shiny Hot Oil Treatment: 1. Apply to hair and scalp 2. Comb or brush oils in to hair 3. Cover head with plastic wrap or durag 4. Apply heat for 10 minutes (Once a week recommended) Using Nu Growth for hair loss?:


When experiencing hair loss in corners or throughout head STOP GETTING HAIR CUTS!! The continued cutting of your hair is preventing hair from growing and reducing the possibility of new hair growing in its place. Allow your hair to have the best possibility to regrow. For the best possible growth the following steps are recommended to follow daily. 1. Apply Nu Growth Thickening Oil to your hair 2. Massage oils into the scalp with a circular motion. (This will stimulate dead or drying hair follicles) 3. Comb or brush hair



Nu Growth Thickening Oil

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